Carpet Flood And Water Damaged Restoration Ferntreegully

Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully offers 24×7 flood and water damage restoration services to our clients in Ferntree Gully. We have effective and affordable solutions for all your problems related to wet carpets, flood damage, water damaged rugs, water extraction, and water damage floors and we are equipped to attend to any emergency situation.

Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Ferntreegully

Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Ferntreegully

Water can cause serious damage to not just your carpets but to the surrounding walls and furniture as well. Moreover, it is conducive for the growth of numerous harmful contaminants that could lead to health hazards to your loved ones. To save yourself from this unwanted damage, do get in touch with carpet water damage restoration experts from Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully immediately!

Hi-tech Cleaning Equipment

Hi-tech Cleaning Equipment

Potential Risks of Water Damaged Carpets

Flood is not the only reason to wet your carpets, on the contrary there are various other reasons that could lead to a devastating situation that seems like ‘hopeless’. Water damage could be because of:

  1. Storm water
  2. Washing machine overflow
  3. Hot water system leakage
  4. Bath tub overflow
  5. Sink overflow
  6. Rook leakage
  7. Tap water overflow
  8. Bursting of water pipes
  9. Air conditioner condensation pan overflow
  10. Rainwater flow from outside
  11. Runoff water
  12. Sewerage backup
Bursting Of Water Pipes

Bursting Of Water Pipes

Standing water provides an excellent breeding ground to dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria. Moreover, flood waters contain viruses that can become air borne and create a more serious situation. Even when you get rid of the water, the residue left behind is equally dangerous. And cleaning this residue without proper precaution can lead to lung diseases and other infections. So you should not pose yourself to potential risk by trying to clean your wet carpets on your own. Call the experts.

Environment-friendly Chemical-free Cleaning Products

Environment-friendly Chemical-free Cleaning Products

At Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully we have an expert team for this task that caters to your requirements during any of these water situations. We have state-of-the-art water cleaning equipment and our specialists adhere to high standards of safety to keep you and your family safe from any dangers, whatsoever!

Sewerage Backup

Sewerage Backup

Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Method at Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully

Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully carpet water damage restoration specialists have twenty years of experience in treating water damaged carpets and floors. In a situation of crisis, let experience take charge of things. We help you find solutions to the problems, provide finest efficiency, offer finest consideration, and produce finest results with our following restoration process:

  1. First of all we extract all water from the carpet with latest tools.
  2. Next step is to perform browning treatment to the carpet.
  3. We make sure to remove furniture to protect it from any damage.
  4. The carpet is lifted up to see underneath and check what damage is done.
  5. We install air movers to the damaged carpets and leave them onsite for complete drying process. This may take somewhere around 2 days to 7 days.
  6. After that we keep a check on the drying process by calling the customer regularly.
  7. Once the carpet gets dry, we relay it on the floor.
  8. The restoration process does not end here. We steam clean the carpet and then deodorize it to get rid of unpleasant odours.
  9. Lastly we sanitize the carpets to make sure it does not cause any health problems to the inhabitants of the house/office.
Washing Machine Overflow

Washing Machine Overflow

Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully understands the importance of time in case of carpet flood damage restoration. Thus we try our best to be at your service as soon as we get a call from you. You are requested to help us serve you better by calling us without any delays and removing all small movable items from the carpet before our experts reach your home.

Why Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully?

Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully is a leading name in the cleaning industry and we have been restoring carpets from water damage and flood damage for the last twenty years. Here are some factors that giving us an additional advantage over other competitors:

  1. Affordable cleaning services
  2. Same day and emergency services
  3. 24×7 customer care support
  4. Certified cleaners
  5. Trained technicians
  6. Insured carpet flood damage restoration company
  7. Free quotation over phone
  8. Hi-tech cleaning equipment
  9. Latest cleaning solutions
  10. Environment-friendly chemical-free cleaning products
  11. Guaranteed results
Rook Leakage

Rook Leakage

Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully offers you exceptional and result-oriented carpet flood damage restoration services. Call us for a free quotation and experience the difference!

Other Areas of Expertise

Our experience is not limited to carpet flood damage restoration services but we have complete solutions for your residential and commercial properties. You can avail any of the following cleaning services at the lowest possible prices for Ferntree Gully residents:

  1. Carpet dry cleaning
  2. Upholstery cleaning
  3. Mattress cleaning
  4. Duct cleaning
  5. Carpet steam cleaning
  6. Pet stain and odour removal
  7. Curtains and blinds cleaning
  8. Tiles and grout cleaning
Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Ferntreegully

Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Ferntreegully

We even do carpets repair if required. So don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need a helping hand in any of the above mentioned cleaning requirements.

Contact us immediately if unfortunately you have to face any water emergency at home or office. We provide emergency assistance in the true sense and will be at your doorstep with effective solutions as soon as possible!

Offsite Curtain Cleaning

A friend of mine had used Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully for curtain cleaning and she had been boasting about the services ever since. Just to see what the big thing was I decided to get my curtains cleaned. I opted for offsite curtain cleaning and knew that as with other cleaners I will be responsible for removing and re-hanging my curtains. But my whole perception of getting curtains cleaned was changed by the professional team of Power Cleaning. They did everything on their own without asking me to do anything and these guys were so polite that I fell in love with our courteousness. When the curtains were re-hung in my room, they looked beautiful. Now I surely know what my friend was talking about. Hats off to you guys!
- - Danni Fisher

Affordable Couch Cleaning

I choose Power Cleaning Ferntree Gully because of their affordable prices because going for posh couch cleaning services does not fit into my budget. And the best part is that they have never compromised on the quality of the services. Despite their affordable rates, they deliver quality couch cleaning services. I have also tried their upholstery cleaning services and they are excellent. Their cleaning solutions do magic on stains and bring back the original shine in the couch. Great job!
- - Melissa Calla

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